PRODUCTS fast, safe, and enjoyable

Feel the real performance.

Technix has pursued to ride motorcycle fast, safe, and enjoyably. Technix’s own brand “TGR (Technix Gear)” and world’s special parts selected and recommended by Technix.
Many items such as TGR Racing wheel and XTRIG are preferred and used by top riders who participate All Japan Motocross and JNCC (top ranked enduro race in Japan). The quality and the reliability are warranted.
In addition, we are contracted with SKF and XTRIG as the official importer in Thailand. So our support is perfect.
TGR products are not just looking. TGR products emphasize and pursue the real and genuine performance.
Feel “the real performance” in which the rider can draw out the machine’s performance to the limit and can enjoy riding.

Q & A


How can I purchase the products?

A : Please click the “email us” and send us email.


I bought wrong size or wrong parts. Can I return?

A : If the product is unused, we accept the return. When you return the purchase, please bear the shipping cost. Please note we cannot accept BTO (built to order) product such as TGR wheel.


Can I bring my bike to Technix and ask for the installation of the parts?

A : We only sell the parts. Please install the parts by yourself.


Can you tell me about shipping cost?

A : If the total amount of your purchase is more than 10,000 baht, the shipping is free of charge*. If the amount is less than 10,000 baht, the shipping cost varies depending on where to ship.
*Only in Thailand
*Some areas are excluded


Can I use the parts for other than matching model.

A : Each part is designed exclusively for each model. If you use the part for other than matching model, please take your own risk.