High end services with “JAPAN QUALITY” are now available in South East Asian countries.

Quality of suspension gradually declines. This is mainly because oil and parts inside suspension deteriorate or wear. In Technix’s full maintenance services, the specialist experienced at Technix Japan restores your suspension to recover the real performance maximally utilizing brand new facilities such as Shock Dyno, full automatic vacuum pump, and so on as well as plentiful experiences and technics gained throughout more than 15 years of the activities as a suspension specialized shop. We basically change all the wear out parts such as oil seals and other inside parts heavily worn out in reciprocating movement. Once the suspension is restored it recovers very smooth movement and you will feel it upgraded.

In our revalving services, we review and renew the damping characteristic of the suspension completely in order to fit the rider’s preference, riding level, or intended purpose. You can feel the benefit resulted from the revalving in your first ride. For sure the suspension grades up your riding by one rank. Factory teams consider suspension is the most important part and they spend much time for setting up their suspensions. We highly recommend you Technix’s suspension services to feel the difference!

Q & A


Why is the suspension maintenance so important?

A : Suspension is confronted with sever conditions. For example, the temperature of front fork oil reaches 60-80℃ and that of rear shock oil does around 130℃. The stroking speed is so fast to reach approximately 3-4mm/s at maximum. The high temperatures and the high speed movement extremely exhaust the oils and the parts of suspension. Therefore, the regular suspension maintenance is very important.


How often should I provide the suspension maintenance?

: Technix recommends race users to provide an oil change once every 20 hour ride and a full maintenance once every 40 hour ride or a full maintenance at least once a year.


Which is more recommended, maintenance or modify?

A : OEM suspensions are designed inexpensive. And they are set up to fit everyone. This means the manufacturer makes compromises in the development of the suspension. This is one of reasons why top riders do not use OEM suspension. Technix is capable to modify the suspension to fit every track, every user, and every purpose. Suspension modify is the most recommended service. Of course, the regular maintenance is also important. If you have not given the maintenance to your suspension for more than a year, we recommend you to provide a maintenance at least.


My suspension was modified. But I am still not satisfied with the suspension. Can it be given a resetting?

A : If we consider your dissatisfaction is possible to improve, we reset your suspension up to second time for free.


How can I order modify or maintenance?

A : Please print the order form below and fill it out then please fax or mail to us. After receiving the order form our staff contacts you. Order or inquiry can also be placed by phone call or email.


Can I bring my bike to Technix?

A : Yes, you can. However, please allow us the wage for suspension removal. Also please inform us in advance. Please note when our shop is congested with customers’ bikes, we sometimes decline to accept your bike.


How long will it take for the maintenance of the suspension?

A : Usually we need about one week after we receive your suspension. In some cases while we are on busy season, we need about two weeks. Also if sever damage is found inside the suspension, we may need to wait until the replacement part is delivered. .


I found an oil leakage soon after the maintenance…

A : If we find the leakage has nothing to do with your riding style and we judge the leakage is caused by the defective part, we repair the suspension for free once within 30 days of delivery of your suspension.


What kind of payment is available?

A : You can choose from cash payment, credit card payment, or bank transfer payment.


How can I pay by credit card?

A : Please click the link for the credit card payment on the top page.


If I pay by bank transfer which bank should I transfer?

A : Please transfer to Kasikorn Bank.


What should I care when I send my suspension?

A : Please remove all the parts from your suspension such as fork guard. Rear shock spring can remain. Then wrap the suspension with buffer and pack carefully so that the suspension will not be damaged while transportation.
*If your fork equips fork top bleeder, please put back to original OE air valve before you send the suspension. We frequently find breakage or oil leakage occurred while transportation.


Can I have advice from Technix for setting in the race track?

A : If you are a Technix user, you have a privilege to receive the advice when Technix’s service car is available in the race track. We also support you prior to other riders when you have trouble in the race track.


I live in a distance. So I can’t bring my suspension to Technix.

A : You can send your suspension to us (Please bear the transportation cost).